10. Letushkov Bridge across the Fontanka River 9.21.2014

Letushkov Bridge across the Fontanka River 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Leshtukov bridge (Лештуков мост) crosses the Fontanka in the alignment of the Jambul lane. On the other side of the bridge is the Bolshoi Drama Theater Tovstonogov.

Jambul lane was previously was called Leshtukov lane (on behalf of the court physician Lestocq Elizabeth, who owned land along the Fontanka).

The bridge was built in 1907 specifically for visitors Suvorinsky Theater (now BDT) in the form of a wooden bridge pyatiprolёtnogo. In 1952, replaced by a metal. In 1998, the reconstruction project was originally conceived in 1988 Yeshe engineer SUE "Legiproinzhproekt" L. Soboleva, finally allowed to open the vehicle traffic on this busy section between the two banks of the Fontanka.

Modern reconstruction Leshtukova bridge widening of the carriageway was scheduled times, including in the 1980s and 1990s. However, only in the beginning of 1997 to the forms of its customer - SUE "Mostotrest" has definitely come. Was chosen design organization - SUE "Lengiproinzhproject" department of bridges and hydraulic structures, the profile for the design of reconstruction of historic St. Petersburg bridges and embankments. Also in this year, it was decided to abandon the granite steles-light floor lamps, replacing them with metal ldekorirovannye fixtures. The chief architect of the project of reconstruction of the bridge, lanterns and lattice motif upper belt which serves curtain Bolshoi Drama Theater - Alexei Sholokhov. Team Leader - Shindin Youri, Designer - Nina Lebedeva. Blacksmith - Vladimir Volkov. The bridge was officially opened after renovation and expansion of the roadway in 1998 Gubernatorm St. Petersburg. September 26, 2014 in, 80th birthday OV Basilashvili, on decorated newspaper Playbills Leshtukovom bridge in the presence of Prime Minister of Russia DA -Minister Medvedev hosted the opening ceremony radically renewed after three years of reconstruction of the Bolshoi Drama Theater Towstonogow.

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