40. Theater Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Theater Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Theatre Bridge (Тройной_мост, formerly Red Bridge) was one of the first bridges across the Griboyedov Canal, dug in 1711 (formerly named the Catherine canal and then the Red canal).

The name Theatre was in honor of a wooden theater, on the Big Meadow (now the Field of Mars). The theater itself was built in 1770 and became famous under the name of the Empress Theater Meadow (on the stage of the theater, the premiere comedy DI Fonvizina "Oaf"). The theater lasted until 1797, when it was demolished because it hampered the parades on the Meadow.

Type of construction: Odnoprolёtny
The main span: A set of cast-iron tubing
Overall length: 18 m
width of the bridge: 15.6 m
Operation: Opening 1730 (wood), Reconstructed 1830

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