59. Second Krushteyna Bridge across the Admiralty Canal 9.21.2014

Second Krushteyna Bridge across the Admiralty Canal 9.21.2014

From Saint Petersburg encyclopedia:
The Second Krushteyna Bridge (2-й мост Круштейна) crosses the Admiralty Canal just upstream from the Moyka River. The Admiralty Canal was dug from the eastern ditch of the Admiralty Fortress to the Moika River to connect the Admiralty Shipyard with the Galley Yard and warehouses of New Holland. It received its name from the Admiralty located nearby. In the 1840s, part of the Admiralty Canal was enclosed into a pipe to lay Admiralteisky Passage and Konnogvargeisky Boulevard along its bed. The lower part of the Admiralty Canal connecting the Krukov Canal and the Moyka River has been preserved. It is 350 meters long and up to 25 meters wide. A fragment of the covered Admiralty Canal can be seen in the pedestrian subway under Truda Square. In 1922-91, it was named the Krustein Canal, after Karl Krustein (1887-1921), a participant of the Civil War. The complex of New Holland is located at the left shore of the Canal. The Canal embankment’s notable buildings include No 3 (from the second half of the 18th century, reconstructed in 1884, by architects Alexander Benois and Yury Benois); No 7 (1827; reconstructed in 1852, by architects Nikolay Grebenka and Ivan Klimov); No 17 (1900, by architect Alexander Bruni); No 25 (early 19th century); and No 29 (1824, by architect Pavel Filippov, at the turn of the 20th century). The artist Alexander Benois lived in No 31 from 1908-14.

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