95. Paper Bridge across the Paper Canal 9.22.2014

Paper (Bumajni) Bridge across the Paper (Bumazhnyy) Canal 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Paper Bridge (Бумажный мост) is road bridge in St. Petersburg through the paper channel axis Livonia street. The name of the bridge is given by the paper mill, which was in the area since the time of Peter.

The first bridge on this site was built until 1795. In 1823, the project engineers P. Bazin, A. Betancourt and BP E. Clapeyron erected a wooden arched odnoprolёtny bridge. In 1862, the bridge was rebuilt in wooden trehprolёtny braced with central and side beamed spans, In 1949 the wooden spans were replaced by metal project engineers AD Saperstein and P. Blokhin. The existing bridge was built in 1962-1963, designed by engineer EA Boltunova and architect LA Noskov.

The bridge is Trehprolёtny design, reinforced concrete, continuous girder system. The span beams are precast prestressed concrete I-beams. The bridge is designed for tram, motor and pedestrian traffic. The bridge is 29.7 m long and 19.3 m wide. The bridge abutments and intermediate supports are reinforced concrete on pile foundation, without lining. The roadway of the bridge and sidewalks is asphalt. The roadway pavement has reinforced concrete separating it from the curb. The bridge has a cast iron railing. The railing are installed into granite curbstones.

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