81. Mozhaysky Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Mozhaysky Bridge across the Bypass Canal (with Gasometer plant in the background) 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Mozhayskiy Bridge (Можайский мост) is a pedestrian bridge across the Bypass canal in the alignment of Mozhaiskaya streets in St. Petersburg.

The existing bridge was built in 1984 by engineer B. E. Dvorkin and architect V. Ivanov. Initially, the bridge had four lamps, but in the early 2000s they were dismantled. In 2008, the bridge facades were painted.

The metal pedestrian bridge is an odnoprolёtny design. It serves as a communication passing across the bypass line. It's design is identical to the Oil and Gas Bridge. The bridge length is 30.7 m and the width is 3 m. The maximum load is 400 kg / m.

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