54. Lamp Bridge across the Moyka River 9.21.2014

Lamp Bridge (Fonarny Bridge) across the Moyka River 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Lamp Bridge (Фонарный мост, Fonarny) connects the Kazan and 2nd Admiralty Island across the Moyka River in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It connects Lantern Lane with Post Office Lane.

The name of the bridge comes from the Drinking Lantern House, located in the eponymous lamppost lane, named because of the number of lamp shops in this area.

From the middle of the 18th century there was a wooden bridge on this site. The bridge was repeatedly rebuilt during the 18th and 19th centuries. One version of the wooden pedestrian bridge was built in 1906. This bridge dilapidated, and between 1971-1973 was replaced by a new, reinforced concrete odnoprolёtnym span, by project engineer L. Sobolev and architect LA Noskov. The construction of the bridge was inherited from the Podyachensky bridge, designed by the same engineers. The frame is constructed in the form of consoles which conjugate from a nesovershёnnym hinge, with the bridge piers forming the invert.

The reinforced concrete bridge structure facades are decorated with profiled metal sheet. These measures helped to create a harmonious architectural ensemble with the rest of the bridges from the 19th century, located above and below stream. Decorative light fixtures with lamps, stylized classical architecture.

Artistic lighting of bridge was organized in 2003, emphasizing the architectural beauty of the bridge.

Overall Bridge length: 33 meters
Bridge Width: 20 meters

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