80. Ruzovskaya Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Ruzovskaya Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

From Wikepedia:
The Ruzovskaya Bridge (Рузовский мост) across the Bypass Canal connects the Rybinsk and Ruzovskaya streets of St. Petersburg.

The first wooden bridge was built here in 1905. It was named after nearby Ruzovskaya street. The bridge joined the residential quarters Semenovskaya settlement on the northern shore of the Bypass channel with the overgrown industrial enterprises on the southern coast. In the winter of the siege of 1941-1942, the bridge was dismantled for firewood.

In 1961, during the reconstruction of the New Moscow Bridge, Ruzovskaya bridge was rebuilt. The new bridge was a wooden three-span girder. In 1985 Ruzovskaya bridge was reconstructed by the engineer SN Shilkina. It was the last transport crossing across the channel made ​​of wood. The bridge was 30.5 meters long and 27.3 meters wide.

The existing bridge was erected in 1996 as part of the project of construction of the bridge and the waterfront area of the left bank. The author of the project was Engineer BN Brudno. In 2008 there was a ​​cleaning and painting of steel structures on the span.

The bridge is an odnoprolёtny beam construction with a high-pile raft foundation. The bridge has a calculated composite span of 23.80 m. consisting of 24.5 m. length I-beams. The reinforced concrete slab of the span of the bridge is solid. The bridge abutments are a prefabricated monolithic high-pile raft foundation. On the left bank side of the Bypass channel the granite grade is sloped to drain water.

The roadway and sidewalks are coated with asphalt. The sidewalk is separated from the roadway with a metal fence barrier type. A granite curb separates the sidewalk from the roadway. The railing on the bridge is steel welded simple design 1.1 m high.

The bridge is designed according to the norms of SNIP 2.05.03-84 * load A11, SC-80, and the load on the sidewalks is 400 kg / m².

The bridge is 26.4 m long, and 21.8 m wide between the railings. The axis of the bridge runs at an angle of 86 ° to the axis of the channel. The carriageway width is 16.5 m (four lanes 3.75 m and a safety strip of 0.75 m). The sidewalks are 2.25 m.

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