86. Baltic Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Baltic Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Baltic Bridge (Балтийский мост) is a pedestrian bridge across the Bypass channel in the area of ​​the Baltic Railway Station.

The first bridge, built in the early 20th Century, was called the New Baltic. The current bridge was built in 1957 by engineer A. Kulikov and architect PAAresheva. The main purpose of the span was the transfer of district heating pipes.

The bridge is an odnoprolёtny construction, with an arch made from reinforced concrete. The arches on the facades were faced with granite. The bridge abutments are monolithic reinforced concrete with pile on a wooden base. The surface foundations are faced with granite. The deck is paved with asphalt. The bridge railing is cast iron lattice.

There were decorative lamps at the entrance to the bridge until 2007. As reported by the Committee on the Improvement and Roads, the fixtures return to their original location is not planned for aesthetic reasons. The lights between the two crossings would look bad. Furthermore the granite pedestals were damaged upon the lamps removal.

The bridge is 22.80 m long, and 4.5 m wide.

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