71. Cossak Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Cossak Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The name of the bridge comes from the nearby barracks of the Life-Guards Cossack Regiment, built by the architect I. D. blueberries in the middle of the XIX century. In the 1832-1833 period engineer P. Bazin erected a wooden 4-flight mullion-framed bridge on the abutments of rubble and piers in the form of cast-iron columns. In 1880, the bridge was rebuilt in wood-beamed A-framed, and in 1934 with stacked metal beams. In 1965, in connection with the construction of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky, existing concrete bridge was erected. The authors of the project were the engineer A. Sokolov and architect LA Sox.

The Cossak Bridge (Казачий мост) is a Odnoprolёtny bridge, reinforced concrete, beam-split system. Girder superstructure precast prestressed concrete I-beam. The bridge is 27.5 m, width - 27 m. Foundations bridge of reinforced concrete raft foundation on piles. The surface is lined with pillars mounted granite facing. On the grassroots side of the bridge constructed granite stair assemblies, leading to the lower tier Obvodny channel. Asphalt covers the roadway and sidewalks. Metal railings, the type of railing Obvodny channel, are installed on the bridge parapet.

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