75. New-Brick Bridge across the Volkovka River 9.22.2014

New-Brick Bridge across the Volkovka River 9.22.2014

Translated from citywalls.ru
Initially, in the first half of the 19th century, the crossing was the natural riverbed of the Volkovka. The Brick Bridge was later built, named after the basis of the material used to create it. This is three-span bridge construction was a wooden structure mullion-strut system. The river supports consisted of metal piles with a wooden superstructure and the abutments were made of stone and lined with brick.

An Overhaul brick bridge was conducted in 1855 and in 1888. In 1908, when the new railway bridge crossing the bypass channel was being constructed, the Brick Bridge was dismantled. After that the Volkovka river bed was moved downstream on the Bypass channel, a New Brick bridge was built, its design reminiscent of its predecessor. The New Brick bridge was built with the assistance of the Office of Nikolaev railway.

The Modern Novo-brick bridge (Ново-Кирпичного мост) was built in 1926 on the site of the old bridge, designed by engineers OE Bugaeva and BD Vasiliev and was the first reinforced concrete bridge, built in the Soviet Leningrad. It is a three-span bridge, covered by a reinforced concrete arch with two hingeless poluarkami located above the side spans. The length is 49 meters and its width is 13 meters.

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