74. Four-Wheel Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Four-Wheel (Carriage) Bridge across the Bypass Canal (with the American Axle Railway Bridge in the background) 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The construction of the Four-Wheel (Каретный мост, Carriage bridge) was linked to the reconstruction of the embankments of the Bypass channel under the American Railway bridges. Construction began in June 2009. The opening of the Carriage Bridge was held 21 November 2011. The Carriage (Four-Wheel) Bridge is a concrete single span. There are no frills, such as lights. "We did not put in conditions to blend into the environment. So for us, the main thing was to reduce the cost of its construction.", said the chief engineer (designer) Elena Samusevaof of Inzhtehnologiya.

The Toponymy Commission of St. Petersburg proposed to call it the Carriage Bridge, finding the name Dnepropetrovsk uninteresting. The new name is associated with the Karetnaya historic neighborhood, which was once here. The administration of the Frunze district supported the Commission's proposal. On July 27 2012 the name was officially assigned.

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