70. Second Lavrskiy Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Second Lavrskiy Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
2nd Lavrskiy bridge - the road bridge over the river in the alignment Monastyrka Lavra Directions in the Central District of St. Petersburg. It is the city's first bridge made of laminated wood.

The original construction of the bridge dates to the middle of the 18th century. The bridge was made of wood with a braced girder system. In 1830, the bridge was rebuilt in odnoprolёtny with a wooden arch system riding on top. The spans consisted of five wooden plank nailed-arches nadarochnym structure of the boards. The coating on the roadway was a boardwalk with fencing and cobblestone. The span was supported on massive pillars made from stone masonry on a pile foundation. The bridge has been repeatedly renovated, keeping the old design. Between 1950 and 1972, the bridge was closed to traffic and used solely as pedestrian. It was then decided to restructure the bridge. In 1980 it was dismantled. In 1980-1981,. Project Engineer Lengiproinzhproject B. E. Dvorkin, architect VM Ivanova and engineer Lenmosttresta ZG Vasilyeva in place of the old built a new wooden arch bridge. For the first time in Leningrad manufacturing technology of bridge elements was used from laminated wood. Construction of the span was made in Arkhangelsk. Construction of the bridge carried out CSF Lenmosttresta.

It is a wooden arched bridge odnoprolёtny riding on top. The span is comprised from six arches made ​​of pine boards glued together with synthetic glue based on epoxy resin. According to the static scheme - two-hinged arch. Combining arches and longitudinal beams of the deck by means of wooden contractions. Foundations used old stone masonry on the pile foundation, the bottom lined with limestone. The coating on the roadway - asphalt on derevoplite, on the sidewalks - the boardwalk. Weld metal railing. Installed at the entrances to the old lampposts drawing. The bridge is 18 m, width is 9.5 m.

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