29. Podyachensky Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Podyachensky Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Podyacheskie Bridge (Подьяческий мост) crosses the Griboyedov Canal to connect Kazansky and Spassky islands in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. The bridge connects Podyacheskie Street with Lantern Alley.

The name comes from the Big Podyacheskaya Street, was named by clerks in the 18th century.

A wooden footbridge was built here in 1906. In 1971-1972, a odnoprolёtny concrete bridge was built by project engineer LN Sobolev and architect LA Noskov. The supporting frames are in the form of consoles involving an imperfect hinge; the invert supports the form. This technique was applied for the first time in 1967 during the construction of the New Stables bridge over the Griboyedov Canal.

The facades are decorated with metal sheets without ornaments. There is a simple grill metal railing. On the four corners of the bridge there are granite obelisks with lanterns, which originally decorated the first cast-iron Alexander bridge over the canal near Vvedenskii at its confluence with the Fontanka. When the channel was filled between 1965-1970, Alexander's Bridge (built in 1808-1814 under the project of architect and engineer VI Geste) was dismantled, and the obelisks were moved to Podyacheskie bridge.

Bridge Type:
Single-span concrete bridge
Overall length:
19 m
Width of the bridge:
20 m

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