35. Flour Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Flour Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

From Wikipedia:
The Flour Bridge (Мучной мост) is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Griboyedov Canal near Flour Alley in the Tsentralny District of Saint Petersburg.

The bridge got its name from the flour warehouses located nearby, which were built in the 18th century.

The first bridge at this place was built in 1931. It had three spans and carried heating pipes. In 1951 the bridge was rebuilt according to P. V. Bazhenov's design which converted it into a single span pedestrian bridge.

The arch of the bridge is created by a curvilinear steel beam which is supported by the quay walls. Gently sloping stairways descend at the ends of the bridge.

Design: Arch Bridge
Total length: 22.5 m
Width: 2.3 м

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