17. English Bridge across the Fontanka River 9.21.2014

English Bridge across the Fontanka River 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The English Bridge (Английский мост) is a pedestrian bridge that connects Pokrovsky and Unnamed Island across the Fontanka River in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. The bridge is located opposite the English Avenue. The other side is the "Goznak" factory, situated beside the Fontanka River.

Since 1910, there was a pyatiprolёtny wooden bridge located here, which has moved the traffic load along with the Egyptian Bridge. It provided communication between the banks of the Fontanka River after the collapse of Egypt Bridge in 1905.

The modern bridge was built to transport a heating pipe system over the Fontanka River by project engineer AA Kerlikova and architects PAAresheva and VSVasilkovskogo. The construction was carried out in 1962-1963,. The crossing is a trёhprolёtny metal bridge with concrete piers faced with granite. The railing is made of metal, with a simple design, executed by artistic casting. Spherical lights made from frosted glass are mounted on vertical rods. At the ends of the bridge stair descents have been constructed.

The English Bridge is portrayed in the painting "Saint-Petersburg. Washing. English Bridge", 2006 by AA Eliseev, St. Petersburg, Library of Fine Arts.

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