61. Matisov Bridge across the Buckle River 9.21.2014

Matisov Bridge across the Buckle (Pryazhka) River 9.21.2014

From Saint-Petersburg.com:
Matisov Bridge (Sukharny, Матисов мост) crosses the Buckle (Pryazhka) River linking the left embankment of the Moyka River with Matisov Island, hence the name. In 1737, a timber girder bridge stood here. In 1836-39, a three-span timber arch bridge on stone slab abutments with granite sockets was built by engineers А.D. Gotman and А.F. Buttatz. In 1935, the wooden arches were replaced with metal beams. In 1993-98, the bridge was rebuilt as a three-span arch deck bridge, with an orthotropic slab by engineer L.N. Sobolev. It has double-hinged arches. The abutments rest on bored piles, with a stone slab facing. The piers are made of reinforced concrete, the abutments are on a pile base and are riveted with granite. The bridge length is 39.7 meters and the width is 10.5 meters.

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