68. Obukhovskoy Defense Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Obukhovskoy Defense Bridge across the Monastrka River 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Obukhovskoy Defense Bridge (Мост_Обуховской_Обороны) bridge was built in 1964 as part of a project to build a bridge of Alexander Nevsky and redevelop the Predmostovoy area. The project was constructed by engineers Lengiprotransmost KE Palitsyn (rail of the bridge), AD Gutzeit and architect LA Noskov (urban part of the bridge).

The Obukhovskoy Defense Bridge is a single-span bridge made out of reinforced concrete using the girder-cutting system. The superstructure consists of a standard I-beams of constant height of prestressed concrete. Massive pillars of reinforced concrete on pile foundation, faced with granite. The total width of the bridge is 58 meters. The total bridge length is 24.2 meters.

The roadway bridge includes eight lanes of vehicular traffic with 4 lanes on each side. The roadway and sidewalks are paved with alsphalt. The sidewalks are separated from the roadway by a granite curb. Metal railings with a simple design are installed on the bridge. The bridge is designed for motor and pedestrian traffic.

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