89. Tarakanovsky Bridge across the Bypass Canall 9.22.2014

Tarakanovsky Bridge across the Bypass Canal (with the Arch over Tarakanovka from the Red Triangle Factory in the background) 9.22.2014

From Wikepedia:
Tarakanovskiy bridge (Таракановский мост) crosses the Bypass channel in the alignment of the Tsiolkovsky street. It was named after the Tarakanovka River which connected the Fontanka River and Ekateringofka. Between 1907-1908 the river was partially filled. Between the embankment and the Bypass channel formed a new street named Tarakanovo.

In 1933 the Tarakanovskiy bridge was a wooden semiproletnuyu pedestrian crossing. At that time it was the only bridge construction, which had the plank Gvozdeva farm component of its average span. The bridge was designed by the engineer M. Zhdanov. The existing bridge was built in 1975 by engineer AD Gutzeit. The floor lamps on the bridge were designed by architect AB Lebedinskaya.

It is a metal girder, odnoprolёtny design pedestrian bridge. It also serves as a communication passing across the bypass channel. There are four lamp with lanterns on the bridge, stylized in the classical spirit. The deck is asphalt. The steel railings are a simple design.

The bridge is 33.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

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