92. Stepan Razin Bridge across the Obvodnyi Canal 9.22.2014

Stepan Razin Bridge across the Obvodnyi Canal 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia: The Stepan Razin Bridge (Мост_Степана_Разина) crosses the Obvodnyi channel to connect Stepan Razin Street and and Livonia street in St. Petersburg.

The name of the bridge comes from Stepan Razin Street. It was named Stepan Razin bridge February 22, 1939. The former bridge was called the Stenka Razin bridge (1923 to 1939). Before that it was the Estland Bridge (1914).

In 1914 A wooden five-span girder bridge was designed to move vehicular transport. The bridge lasted more than half a century. The bridge was rebuilt as a single span concrete construction between 1977-1979 by the engineer AD Gutzeit and architect VM Ivanova.

The bridge is similar to the New Stone Bridge. The static scheme superstructure is trehsharnirnuyu frame. The superstructure is made of prefabricated unified concrete elements of I-section and variable height section. Reinforced concrete bridge piers on pile raft foundation of wooden piles support the structure. The "Legs", frame, and surface foundations are faced with granite.

The bridge sidewalks are constructed at a higher level. Sidewalks protections from the roadway are missing. The cast iron bridge railings are simple. There are granite curbstones on the foundations. Asphalt covers the roadway and sidewalks.

The bridge is designed by CH 200-62 under design loads H-30, SC-60, and the load on the sidewalks is 400 kg / m². The bridge is 38.3 meters long. The bridge width is 20 m, including 14 m width of the roadway and two sidewalks of 3 m.

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