24. Old Nicholas Bridge across the Kryukov Canal 9.21.2014

Staro-Nikolsky Bridge across the Kryukov Canal (with the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in the background) 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Old Nicholas Bridge (Staro-Nikolsky, Pereshivkin, Старо-Никольский мост) crosses the Kryukov Canal to connect Savior and St. Basil's Islands in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg.

Located at the intersection with the Kryukov Canal and Griboyedov Canal, it forms an ensemble with adjacent Pikalov and Krasnogvardeysky bridges over the Griboyedov Canal on Sadovaya Street.

The bridge was originally constructed in 1793 as the Nikolsky Bridge. It was rebuilt in 1868 as the Staro-Nikolsky Bridge. The bridge is named after nearby St. Nicholas Cathedral.

The Staro-Nikolsky Bridge existed since the digging of the Kryukov Canal in 1717, and is a normal crossing wooden mullion-strut system. The new bridge was built in 1784-1786 years on a standard for this part of the city of bridges project: trёhprolёtny wooden girder bridge on pillars faced with granite rubble, with an adjustable central span. Construction of the bridge was carried out within the framework of reconstruction of the channel. The adjacent embankments were faced with granite in 1806.

During the nineteenth century the bridge was restored. In 1842 the original railing was replaced with forged grill, which has been preserved to the present day.

Between 1906-1908 restructuring of the bridge was carried out for tramway installation by AP engineers Pshenitsky, K. Efimov, and VA Bers. The span's wooden beams were replaced with metal. Waterproofing and paving was replaced with asphalt and concrete in 1988. Between 1994-1995 the moldings were raised and the console was repaved. In 2003, the Committee on the Improvement and Roads Administration of St. Petersburg initiated a major overhaul of the bridge, allocating a budget of 45 million rubles. The repair was completed in 2004 by general contractor Rizalit.

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