85. Warsaw Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Warsaw Bridge across the Bypass Canal (Pictured with the Church of the Resurrection) 9.22.2014

From Structurae.net:
The Warsaw Bridge (Варшавский мост) crosses the Bypass Canal and is a continuation of Izmaylovskogo Avenue in St. Petersburg. It is named after nearby Warsaw station.

The first wooden girder-framed bridge was built here in the middle of the 19th century. The first span was located upstream from the axis of modern Warsaw bridge. In the years 1869-1870 the Russian Railway Company built an odnoprolёtny metal arch bridge on stone piers. Steel was used instead of cast iron for the construction. Between 1908-1910 the bridge width was increased from 22.1 to 30.6 meters, due to increased traffic flow and tramways.

By the early 2000s, metal corrosion due to the span and traffic load brought the bridge to an unsatisfactory condition. From November 2006 to August 2007, the company LLC "Rizalit" extensively refurbished bridge. During the repairs, the top of the span and support cross-beams were completely replaced. The cost of repairs amounted to about 145 million rubles. The bridge was opened July 18, 2007 to pedestrian traffic and on August 24 to car traffic.

The bridge is an odnoprolёtny construction. Spans consists of a metal double-hinged arches DC I-section with nadarochnymi looping constructs of runs on the racks and cross beams between them . The supports along the canal are lined with Putilov, limestone and butchering granite. The railings are metal grille with a geometric pattern, in eight sections. On the foundations are lean-installed granite parapets. They sometimes show traces of shell fragments left over from the war. The pavement granite slabs and cast asphalt. The center of the bridge is paved with tiles. The sidewalk is separated from the roadway with a high granite curb. The total width of the bridge is 30.6 meters which includes six lanes for cars and two pedestrian walkways. The bridge length is 38.2 meters.

Near the bridge is the Warsaw Station building and the Church of the Resurrection.

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