37. Kazansky Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Kazansky Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

From Wikipedia:
Kazansky Bridge (Каза́нский мост) crosses the Griboyedov Canal in the Tsentralny District of Saint Petersburg. From 1766 to 1830 it was called Rozhdestvensky Bridge (Рождественский мост) and from 1923 to 1944 it was Plekhanov Bridge (мост Плеханова). It is located near the Kazan Cathedral, hence the name. The bridge's length is 18.8 meters, and the width is 95.5 meters. It is second widest bridge in St. Petersburg after the Blue Bridge. The Kazansky Bridge is the lowest span in the city and therefore also the only bridge where sailing underneath it is prohibited.

The first existing crossing here was the wooden Rozhdenstvensky Bridge, built in 1716. The current bridge was built between 1765–1766 when the granite embankment of the Griboyedov Canal was created.

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