38. Italian Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal 9.21.2014

Italian Bridge across the Griboyedov Canal (with Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in the background) 9.21.2014

From Wikipedia:
The Italian Bridge (Италья́нский мост) crosses the Griboedov Canal in the Tsentralny District of Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is a single span, steel, pedestrian bridge next to Italian street, hence the name). The bridge's length is 19.66 meters long, and the width is 3 meters.

The bridge was built in 1896 in the place of a boat ferry as a single span wooden bridge which connected Big and Little Italian streets. The engineer was L.N. Kolpitsin. The novelty at the time was use of xilolit plates as a paving material. In 1902 the bridge was rebuilt for the first time, and between 1911-1912 it was rebuilt again.

In 1937 the bridge went through capital reconstruction, in order to fit two thermal pipes into it. In 1955 during the renovation of the Griboedov Canal embankments, the bridge was completely rebuilt again. Since then it has had its modern look.

Design Arch Bridge
Total length: 19.66 m
Width: 3 m

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