79. Ippodromny Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Ippodromny Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Ippodromny Bridge (Ипподромный мост) is a pedestrian bridge across the Bypass Canal to the east of the alley driveway in St. Petersburg. The modern name was in given 1944, and refers to the Pioneer Square Hippodrome burnt during the siege.

Before the modern hippodrome bridge existed a trehprolёtny wooden bridge on pile supports. The new bridge was built between 1985-1986 under the project developed by engineers VI Feldman, AP Petrov and architect G. Artemyev 3.

The bridge is single-span bridge metal, which also serves as bridge embankment wall. The superstructure is made in the form of two metal beams of I-section with a curved outline of the bottom chord. The deck superstructure is prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs with an iron railing. Heat supply pipes are laid inside the superstructure construction. Initially, there was floor lamp lighting, but in the 2000s it was dismantled.

The bridge is 28.6 m long by 3 m wide.

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