93. Gutuevsky Bridge across the Ekateringofka River 9.22.2014

Gutuevsky Bridge across the Ekateringofka River (The Church Of The Epiphany in the background) 9.22.2014

Translated from opeterburge.ru:

Gutuevsky Bridge (Гутуевский мост) crosses the Ekateringofka River to Gutuevsky Island, in the alignment of the Dvina street.

The 1828 plan of St. Petersburg listed a bridge pontoon crossing there. In the mid-1830s, a new wooden bridge was built there featuring semiproletny, mullion-strut system, with an adjustable diptera spans. Construction of the bridge piers were in the form of cast-iron columns. The new crossing was named Herring became it linked the waterfront over the Bypass channel to Herring Brawler Gutuevsky on the island. The engineers were AD Gotman and AI Malta. Herring bridge was renovated in 1949, replacing the wooden beam span with metal.

In 1960 the bridge was renamed Gutuevsky, after the merchant-Builder Conan Gutueva, who owned Gutuevsky island in the 18th century.

In the mid-1970s, Gutuevsky Bridge was rebuilt due to alarming conditions. The project engineers were AS Evdonin, IP Ladyshkina and architect JP tits. The remodeled three-span reinforced concrete bridge is a bridge structure, with the bottom chord of the curved shape. The supports of the new Gutuevsky bridge are made of concrete and granite. The length of the crossing is 95.7 meters, and the width is 27.6 meters.

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