46. Large Stable Bridge across the Moyka River 9.21.2014

Large Stable (Bolshoy Konyushenny) Bridge across the Moyka River 9.21.2014

From Saint-Petersburg.com:
An attractive humpbacked bridge across the Moika River next to the old Imperial Stables, the Bolshoy Konyushenny Bridge (Большой Конюшенный мост) was built in 1828 on the site of a wooden drawbridge from 1753. The bridge is constructed from granite-faced abutments supporting a cast iron tubing vault. The cast iron railings are decorated with interlocking wreaths edged in gilt. The vault of the bridge is decorated with images of flora and fauna. The bridge's abutments also feature beautiful cast iron lanterns with a unique tripod design. The bridge's decorations were restored in 1999.

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