64. Kashin Bridge across the Kryukov Canal 9.21.2014

Kashin Bridge across the Kryukov Canal 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Kashin Bridge (Кашин мост) crosses the Kryukov Canal to connect Kolomna and Kazan Islands in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It was originally built in 1789 as the Nikolsky Bridge. In 1793 it became the Kashin Bridge. The name has existed since the 18th century and is connected with the name of the owner of the house next door. There was also a nearby drinking establishment of the same Kashin.

The first bridge on this site was built between 1782-1787. The central span was a drawbridge. Between 1805-1810 the wooden bridge was rebuilt. From 1839-1840 the bridge was again rebuilt to the standard design of the adjacent bridges. It became a trёhprolёtnym structure with wooden spans. The bridge was set on stone, faced with granite pillars and enclosed by metal railings. In 1863 it was promoted to major repairs while maintaining it's appearance.

Because of underwater masonry and granite cladding problems, as well as adjacent granite embankment erosion, it was decided to rebuild the bridge in 1930. A new odnoprolёtny bridge with a continuous reinforced concrete arch was built from 1931-1932 by project of architect K. Dmitriev and engineers OE Bugaeva and FK Kuznetsova. The construction works were led by engineers Stepnov PP and PA Zhukov. The work changed the overall silhouette and the character of the bridge railings. The supports are concrete with pile foundations.

The Kashin bridge was mentioned in Alexander Griboyedov's article "Particular cases of the St. Petersburg Flood": Fierce winds were blowing directly on the stretch of the street, a gust of whom will soon uplift a turbulent river. It instantly drizzle pryschet in the air, and up grows and faster racing. Meanwhile, people dead silence; konopat and double glazing allowed to hear the distant echoes, and near any sound human daily; no boat does not appear to raise seed which fell forward. First - gobvahta some, getting up, raced to the bridge Kashin, who was also broken and overturned; horse with a droshky long struggled with death, finally succumbed to the pressure and was keen sight out; then sailed continuously communications, fragments of buildings, firewood, logs and boards - from the courts if broken, whether from homes destroyed, it was impossible to discern.

It was dedicated to the St. Petersburg flood November 7, 1824, one of the most disastrous floods in history, whereas the water level in the Neva rose by more than three meters.

Kashin Bridge
Scope: automobile, pedestrian
Crosses: Kryukov Canal
Location: Admiralty district Saint Petersburg
Design/Type of construction: Odnoprolёtny concrete
Overall length: 23.85 m
width of the bridge: 16 m
Operation: Opening 1810 (wood), Reconstructed 1932

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