62. Bath Bridge across the Buckle River 9.21.2014

Bath Bridge across the Buckle (Pryazhka) River 9.21.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Buckle (Пряжка, Pryazhka) River in St. Petersburg, is a consequence of the Moika River and flows through the former Salnobuyansky channel into the Neva River. It's length is 1.32 km.

During the founding of St. Petersburg it was called the Chuhonskoy River. In 1738, the area of the Admiralty at the outskirts of the city with the Kryukov Canal, suffered a fire hazard burning the spinning barns and Smolny. They were relocated on the bank of the river Chuhonskoy, which soon became known as the buckles, because of the nature of production arising here. Originally, the river was longer, but in 1915 the lower reaches were filled creating Salnobuyansky channel.

Between 1962-1964, in conjunction with the restructuring of Bath Bridge (Банный мост), new embankments were built on the upstream and downstream sides of the river. From 1982-1984 a new wall on pile foundation with granite cordons and stair descents was created between Matisov and Berdova bridges. The existing quay wall adjacent to Bannomu bridge was rebuilt. Paved walking paths were created along the slopes between Matisov and Bath bridges.

Bridges include:
•Matisov bridge (Матисов мост)
•Bath bridge (Банный мост)
•Berdov bridge (Бердов мост)

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