57. Matveev Bridge across the Kryukov Canal 9.21.2014

Matveev (Matveevsky) Bridge across the Kryukov Canal (with the Krasnooflotskiy Bridge in the Background) 9.21.2014

From Saint Petersburg encyclopedia:
Matveev Bridge (Matveevsky, Матвеев мост) crosses the Kryukov Canal along the Moyka River Embankment. Until 1919, it was known as the Tyuremny (Prison) Bridge, deriving its name from the neighboring Lithuanian Castle. It was renamed in memory of revolutionary hero S.M. Matveev (1888-1918). The bridge was built between 1784-86, when the granite canal embankments were constructed. It was a three-span bridge with timber decks with a central span that opened. It's rough-hewn stone piers were faced with granite. In 1905, metal decks were laid, and between 1950-51 it was replaced with a three-span reinforced concrete deck, by engineers P.V. Andreevsky, А.D. Gutzeit, and architect Т.V. Berseneva. The bridge length is 27.1 meters and it is 9.8 meters wide.

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