100. Adjacent Bridge across the Kryukov Canal 9.22.2014

Adjacent (Smezhny) Bridge across the Kryukov Canal (with the Krasnoarmeysky Bridge and Trinity Cathedral in the background) 9.22.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Adjacent bridge (also Smezhny, Connecting bridge, Смежный мост) connects the Savior and St. Basil's Island across the Kryukov Canal in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It is located at the confluence of the Fontanka connecting the embankment on the north (odd) embankment between houses number 141 and 143. The name comes from its location, connecting the Fontanka Embankment across the Kryukov Canal.

The first bridge on this site was built between 1782-1787.. It was an ordinary wooden construction consistent with the standard design the other Kryukov Canal bridges.

The bridge eventually became dilapidated and was rebuilt in the late 18th to early 19th century, under the leadership of Field Marshal Kamensky MF. The bridge became a regular trёhprolёtnym structure with wood-beamed spans on stone piers, faced with granite. The bridge was 25.9 m long and 15 m. wide. In 1888 (according to other sources - in 1867) spans were replaced with metal, support shifted.

In 1940, after serving 80 years, the bridge again underwent repair with strengthening of the upper and lower flanges of metal girders. In this split system trёhprolёtnaya structure the upper structure and the overall appearance of the bridge were saved.

In 1964 the bridge was upgraded to lay district heating pipes. Engineer EE Rosenfeld, in collaboration with D. Yu Guzevich, supervised construction. During the reconstruction, the spans were closed by high metal beams, which led to a significant change in the historic appearance of the bridge.

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