112. Little Petrosky Bridge over the Zhdanovka River 9.24.2014

Little Petrosky Bridge over the Zhdanovka River 9.24.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:

The Little Petrovsky bridge (Мало-Петровский мост) crosses the Zhdanovka river to connect Petrograd and Petrovsky Island, in the alignment of Crafts and Novoladozhskiye streets, respectively.

A wooden crossing has existed here since 1840. It used a braced system and consisted of seven spans with a total length of 90 meters.

An overhaul of the bridge was made in just two years of operation. The bridge was rebuilt in 1842, and then again in 1883. After 35 years, another overhaul was carried out in 1918.

In 1927 it was discovered that the old wooden bridge was in poor condition because of its decrepitude, and the continued operation was dangerous. In its place a new, odnoprolёtny reinforced concrete arch bridge, was built with deaf parapets and a continuous arched vault. The construction of the new bridge was also due to the necessity of laying tram tracks. The authors of the project were steel engineers BD Vasiliev, OE Bugaeva and architect EI Katonin.

Spans of the new, which became modern, Not-Petrovsky Bridge, consists of four beams made ​​of reinforced concrete. Beams are merged in a castle with an oven, forming the roadway, the width of which is equal to 14 meters, and its abutments go directly to the buttresses of bridge piers. Foundations crossing located on pile foundation with a concrete pad with a thickness of up to one meter. The length of the Little Petrovsky bridge is 49.8 meters, and 18.9 meters wide.

It should be noted that Little Petrosky Bridge was again being reconstructed 9.24.2014 at the time of crossing.

Overall length:
49.8 m
Width of the bridge:
18.9 m
Began Operation:
1918, 1927
59 ° 57'39 "with. sh. 30 ° 16'18 "to. d. (G) (O) (I)

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