114. Second Park Bridge over the Chukhonka River 9.24.2014

Second Park Bridge over the Chukhonka River, Primorsky Maritime Victory Park 9.24.2014

Translated from 2rf.ru
The Second Park Bridge (2-й ПАРКОВЫЙ мост, Second Parkovi) crosses the Chukhonka River, in Maritime Victory Park, St. Petersburg. It was built for automobile traffic and pedestrian use.

The Chukhonka River used to cross Krestovskiy island, north to south. In 1952, the river was partially backfilled, during construction of Primorsky Victory Park. Preserved section connects Krestovskiy pond and Minor Nevku.

Second Park Bridge is in alignment with Vyazovaya Krestovskogo Prospect. In 1806 a wooden beam construction bridge was built here. A new single span reinforced concrete beam structure was built here in 1978, by the architect NA Moskvin and engineer LN Sobolev. Facades were created ​​in the form of decorative arches. The Second Park Bridge consists of the span and supports. The oerall length is 21.1 meters, and the width is 16.5 meters. Nearby is the The Third Park bridge, designed to serve the tram traffic through Krestovskogo prospectus.

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