129. Dybenko Bridge across the Okkervil River 9.25.2014

Dybenko Bridge (aka Bridge of my beloved Tamyushi) across the Okkervil River 9.25.2014

Translated from 2rf.ru:
Dybenko Bridge (Дыбенко Мост) crosses the Okkervil River in alignment with Dybenko Street in St. Petersburg. The bridge and the street are named in honor of repressed Soviet statesman and military PE Dybenko. The Dybenko Bridge is for automobile traffic and pedestrians across the Okkervil. It is a single-span reinforced concrete bridge built in the early 1970s. With the construction of the bridge Dybenko in St. Petersburg, discovered various traffic problems, including the discharging of traffic from the central highways. The construction looks very urbanized. It is simple in its design, and complements the sleek urban landscape.

The Okkervil River flows to the east of St. Petersburg, and is a left tributary of the Okhta River flowing into it from 1.8 km above the mouth. The source of the river is located in the swamps south of Koltushskoe heights. The Okkervil River runs along the Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region and Krasnogvardeisky Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. It's approximate length is 18 km and the width varies from 1.5 to 25 m, with a depth of 0.25 - 0.8 m. There are now a total of sixteen bridges across the river, with only nine named: Dybenko (Дыбенко), Friendly (ТОВАРИЩЕСКИЙ), Podvoisky,(ПОДВОЙСКОГО) Kollontai (Коллонтай), Russian (Российский), Big Yablonovsky (Большой Яблоновский), Yablonovsky (Яблоновский), Zanevsky (Заневский), and Utkin (Уткин).

Bridge of my Beloved Tamyushi

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