132. Metal Footbridge across the Okkervil River 9.25.2014

Untitled Metal Footbridge across the Okkervil River (with Merry Village in the background) 9.25.2014

Translated from welcome-petersburg.com:
Untitled Metal Footbridge across the Okkervil River was spanned in the 1970s, and is located inside a residential neighborhood called 'Merry Village'.

The Okkervil River is the left tributary of the Okhta River, and originates from the marshes in the south-western slopes of the Koltushskoe heights and falls into the Ohta two kilometers upstream from the mouth. The present name was given in the 17th century, coming from the name of the Swedish colonel Okkervil. His manor was situated on the shore of the river. Before this the river was called the Black, Little Okhta and Porhovkoy. The river is 18 km long and up to 25 m, the depth of up to 1 m.

The riverbank is landscaped only in the area of ​​the Ice Palace, where an embankment was built. Between 1970-1980, at an urban building area known as "Merry village" for the convenience of residents, several pedestrian bridges were built that do not have names.

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