138. Industrial Bridge across the Okhta River 9.25.2014

Industrial Bridge across the Okhta River 9.25.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Industrial bridge (ИНДУСТРИАЛЬНЫЙ мост) crosses the Okhta River in alignmnent with Industrial Avenue in St. Petersburg. The name of the bridge was given May 28, 1979 after Industrial Avenue, where it is located. It was built in 1977 by engineer B. E. Dvorkin and architect G. Shindin.

The bridge is a three-span reinforced concrete bridge girder construction. The superstructure is made of standard reinforced prefabricated concrete beams. There are two pedestrian sidewalks and three lanes of traffic in each direction. The bridge is 59.2 m long and 34 m wide. The bridge railings are a simple design. The bridge abutments have granite curbstones. Asphalt covers the bridge roadway and pavement. The sidewalks are separated from the roadway with a high granite the curb.

automobile, pedestrian
Type of construction:
trёhproletny concrete girder bridge
Overall length:
59.2 m
width of the bridge:
34 m
Began Operation:
59 ° 57'30" with. sh. 30 ° 27'52 "to. d. (G) (O) (I)

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