141. Koltushskoe Bridge across the Lubya River 9.25.2014

Koltushskoe Bridge across the Lubya River 9.25.2014

Translated from 2rf.ru:
The Koltushskoe Bridge (Колтушский мост) crosses the Lubya River at Commune Street in St. Petersburg. Since the beginning of the 20th century there was a wooden bridge at this location. The 1st bridge was assigned the name Luppovsky in 1950. The current bridge was built in 1962 by the engineer AD Gutzeit of the "Lengiproinzhproject" Institute. In the 1970's it became known as Bridge of the Commune. The modern name, after the historical Koltushskoe highway, was given November 6, 1997. Koltushskoe bridge connects the area with the city center and provides Rzhevka drive access to the ring-road.

The bridge is 21.6 meters long, and 34 meters including approaches. The foundations were made without piling on natural ground. It is a girder superstructure which did not correspond to the modern stress on the bridge, and subsequently had concrete delamination, cracks and damage, resulting in a poluavariynom condition. The railings have been restored, and new granite curbstones have been installed at the end of each line of handrails. All of the lighting has been replaced.

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