148. Admiralty Bridge across the New Admiralty Canal 9.26.2014

Admiralty Bridge across the New Admiralty Canal at Galley Street 9.26.2014

Translated from dic.academic.ru:
The New Admiralty Canal (Ново-Адмиралтейский канал, formerly the Galley Canal) connects the Neva River with the Moika River, was dug in 1716-1717, respectively separating Galerny yard (galley shipyard) from the Admiralty Islands. On April 20, 1738 it was given the name Galley channel. Since the beginning of the 19th century Galley Yard has been called the New Admiralty. The name was changed again in 1828 to 1st Admiralty (to distinguish it from just the Admiralty), and in 1836 it was changed to its current name: Novo-Admiralty.

       The main bridge over the New Admiralty Canal - the Admiralty Bridge (Адмиралтейский МОСТ) is in the alignment with Galley street. It was built April 20, 1738, simultaneously with the channel. It was originally called Galley Bridge. The modern name appeared in 1829, shortly after the channel became the 1st Admiralty.

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