158. Bypass Bridge across the Okhta River

Bypass (Ohtinskii) Bridge across the Okhta River 9.27.2014

Translated from petergid.ru:
Bypass Bridge (Ohtinskii, Объездной мост) crosses the Okhta River on the bypass road that led from the region B. Okhta Powder on the main bypass road there on Porokhovskaya (now Revolution) highway. From 1950 to 1997 the bridge was was called Okhta Bridge number 1.

In 1779, a bypass road was built from the Neva to the Powder mills. In 1857 a new highway was built now bears the name Revolution highway. The old road became known as the Old-Porokhovskaya, and since 1912 the first was called the bypass highway. It gradually decreased in size, and by 1966 it was only on the easternmost portion of Peter Currants street to the Okhta River. Bypass bridge was built for automobile traffic and pedestrians across the Okhta River.

The Okhta is the largest eastern tributary of the Neva River. It was first mentioned in the Novgorod Chronicle from 1300. It's length is 99 km, the depth is from 0.5-5.5 m, the width is from 10-50 m, and the average slope of the river is 1.4%. It's watershed area is ​​768 km².

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