163. 2nd Volkovsky Footbridge across the Volkovka River 9.27.2014

2nd Volkovsky Footbridge across the Volkovka River 9.27.2014

Translated from 2rf.ru:
2nd Volkovsky Footbridge (2-й Волковский мост) crosses the Volkovka River and is located along Volkovskaya Avenue below 3rd Volkovsky Footbridge. A single-span wooden girder bridge was built here in 1949. There was a major overhaul in 1961. The wooden girders were replaced by metal spans. The bridge remained single-span, with a girder-cutting system. The pillars, railings and cover remained wood. The bridge was 13.7 meters long and 2.3 meters wide.

In 1990, the bridge was rebuilt as a 3-span, metal continuous girder system, by project engineer VI Feldman. The superstructure consists of a metal I-beams with orthotropic plate passer parts. The bridge abutments and the intermediate supports are pile with metal tubes filled with concrete. The bridge is designed for pedestrian traffic. The railings are metal, and it is paved with asphalt. It is named after the river.

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