168. American Axle Railway Bridge across the Bypass Canal 9.27.2014

American Axle Railway Bridge (Easternmost Span) across the Bypass Canal 9.27.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The American Axle Railway Bridges (Nikolaev, Американский мост) is a group of railway bridges that cross the Bypass canal to connect Unnamed island with the left bank of the Neva River. The bridge is located on the Moscow line of the October Railway near the Moscow railway station.

The first bridge was built here between 1840-1850 for the Nikolaev railway. The wooden bridge was similiar to the current Truss arch design. Americans engineer D. V. Whistler and inventor William Gow supervised the construction. The novel span used wooden trusses with braces and cross-strapped iron rods. The metal elements made the bridge much stronger without significantly increasing the weight of the structure. The bridge stood for 30 years.

In 1869 it was decided to replace the wooden bridge with metal. The project was headed by Russian engineer Nicholas Belelyubsky. The railway station was expanding, with growing numbers of passengers and freight, so a second span was added. Due to lack of space on the left side of the Bypass channel, there was a need for a new wagon economy on the right, and a third crossing was built in 1911. In 1914 a fourth span was added, and in 1916 a fifth span was created.

The spans have been rebuilt and repaired numerous times. New embankments have recently been added to both sides of the Bypass canal beneath the bridge system.

Spans from West to East:
- Double-track bridge under the letter A under the first and third main way for commuter traffic and passenger trains
- Single-track bridge under the letter E under the connecting path between locomotive and rolling farms Station St.
- Petersburg-Chief, combined with the communication passage (water supply, main heating system, communication cables)
- Double-track bridge under the letter B, for which there are paths connecting Ranzhirny and New Parks
- 1st American bridge under one second main route for passenger trains
- 2nd American bridge under two paths connecting parks A-H and B-H with a freight yard and apron park

group of railway bridges:
Type of construction:
59 ° 54'50 "with. lat. 30 ° 22'02 "to. e. sh. 30.3674611 ° c. (G) (O) (I)

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