134. Large Yablonovsky Bridge across the Okkervil River 9.25.2014

Large Yablonovsky Bridge across the Okkervil River (with adjoining railway bridge in background) 9.25.2014

Translated from opeterburge.ru:
The Large Yablonovsky Bridge (БОЛЬШОЙ ЯБЛОНОВСКИЙ) crosses the Okkervil River, near Dolgorukovskaya Villas, on the road that connects the small and large Yablunivka.

This bridge was built in 1957, designed by the engineer AD Gutzeit. Large Yablonovsky bridge is a single span bridge construction frame structure made of reinforced concrete. The bridge was built without foundations and with free consoles. The general foundations are made on pile foundations of wooden piles, laid under each pair of "legs". Pedestrian sidewalks are separated from the roadway with granite curbs.

The bridge railings are a simple design, and are made of welded steel, with an unpretentious pattern. The bridge length is 35 meters and its width is 10 meters.

automobile, pedestrian
Overall length:
35 meters
Width of the bridge:
10 meters
Began Operation:

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