109. Zhdanovsky Bridge over the Zhdanovka River 9.24.2014

Zhdanovsky Bridge over the Zhdanovka River at Petrovsky Stadium 9.24.2014

Translated from esosedi.ru
Zhdanovsky Bridge (Ждановский мост) connects ZHDANOVSKY "Peter" waterfront stadium in the alignment of the Officers of the alley. In 1939 a five-span wooded bridge with metal girders was built here. Until 1957, it was named 2nd Zhdanov. It was renamed in connection with the dismantling of the 1st Zhdanovsky bridge at the source of the river.

The modern bridge is reinforced concrete and built between 1989-1992. Project engineers were GM Tolstopyatova, VE Eduardova and architects NA Dibtsova and YG Shindin. The bridge length is 60 m, and the width is 33.2 m.

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