120. Geslerovsky Bridge over the Karpovka River 9.24.2014

Geslerovsky Bridge over the Karpovka River 9.24.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Geslerovsky Bridge (ГЕСЛЕРОВСКИЙ мост) crosses the Karpovka River in St. Petersburg, connecting Petrograd and Apothecary Island. It is located along the axis of the Chkalov prospectus.

The bridge was originally built June 17, 1904 and named Geslerovsky bridge. The name comes from Geslerovskogo lane (now a part of the Chkalov Avenue), which comes from garderobmeystera Gesler Paul I, a landowner on Petrograd.

The first bridge was trёhprolёtny wooden span. During the reconstruction of the Karpovki embankments in 1965, the existing concrete bridge was built. The bridge was designed by engineer P. Ryazantsev and architect LA Noskov.
The bridge is an odnoprolёtny concrete frame. The bridge abutments are lined with granite. The bridge railing have a simple design. The bridge abutments have granite parapets. Asphalt covers the bridge roadway and pavement. Sidewalks are separated from the roadway by a high granite the curb. The bridge is 22,2 m long by 27 m wide.

automobile, pedestrian
Type of construction:
Odnoprolёtny frame concrete bridge
Began Operation:
1904 (wood)
1965 (current)
59 ° 58'09 "with. sh. 30 ° 18'15 "to. d. (G) (O) (I)

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