121. Silin Bridge over the Karpovka River 9.24.2014

Silin Bridge over the Karpovka River 9.24.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Silin bridge (СИЛИН мост) crosses the Karpivka River in St. Petersburg to connect Petrograd and Apothecary Island. It is located along the axis of Kamennoostrovsky Prospect.

The bridge was named after the owner of the land and the tavern. In 1936 (when the existing wooden bridge was replaced with concrete) the bridge was renamed the "Pioneer Bridge". It held this name until 1991, when its original name returned.

A floating bridge was built here in the 1760s on the site of pre-existing transport. In 1776 a permanent trёhproletny wooden bridge was built. It was remodeled in 1864 and later in 1878. The length of the wooden bridge was 35 m, and the width was 18 m.

The modern odnoprolёtny concrete bridge was built in 1936 by engineer A. D. Saperstein and architect K. Dmitriev. The bridge is decorated with cast-iron railings with artistic casting with bronze bas-reliefs by the sculptor L. Dietrich. Stone foundations rest on pile foundation with a concrete pad. The supports and spans are faced with granite. The bridge was last renovated in 1974.

Car, pedestrian
Type of construction:
Odnoprolёtny concrete bridge
Overall length:
36.88 m
Width of the bridge:
25.58 m
Began Operation:
59 ° 58'11 "with. sh. 30 ° 18'27 "to. d. (G) (O) (I)

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