124. Grenader Bridge across the Bolshaya Nevka River 9.24.2014

Grenader Bridge across the Bolshaya Nevka River 9.24.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
The Grenadier Bridge (ГРЕНАДЕРСКИЙ мост) crosses the Bolshaya Nevka River in St. Petersburg. Together with the Sampsonievsky Bridge is connects Petrograd (at Chapaev Street) with Vyborg (at Grenadier street).

The name of the bridge comes from the Grenadier Regiment barracks, which were built here in the 1803-1809 period. The Life Guards Grenadier Regiment was formed in the 18th century. The soldiers of this regiment were active participants in the Decembrist uprising of 1825.
The first pontoon crossing in the area of ​​modern Grenadier bridge appeared in 1758. In 1806 the floating bridge was transferred to the area of ​​modern Sampson bridge.
In 1904-1905 in the frame of the Small Sampson Avenue was built the first permanent bridge with wood on pile foundations and a central span of the swing Diptera, divorcing manually. The bridge was named the Grenadiers.
In 1951, the Grenadier Bridge was rebuilt, with the swing span constructed out of metal.
In 1971-1975, the bridge was completely renovated and moved to its current location. To improve the traffic situation Grenadier street was laid out and a tunnel was created in the Vyborg embankment.
The bridge supports a tramway and trolleybus, as well as several bus routes.

Car, pedestrian
Type of construction:
metal trёhprolёtny, with an adjustable main span
Began Operation:
1951, 1971-1974
59 ° 58'04 "with. sh. 30 ° 20'04 "to. d. (G) (O) (I)

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