152. Kronverkskiy Bridge across the Kronverkskiy Strait 9.26.2014

Kronverkskiy (Hunchback) Bridge across the Kronverkskiy Strait (with Peter and Paul Cathedral in the background) 9.26.2014

Translated from opeterburge.ru:
Kronverkskiy bridge (Hunchback, КРОНВЕРКСКИЙ МОСТ) crosses Kronverkskiy Strait to link Petrograd with Zayachy Island, site of Peter and Paul fortress. It is named after Kronverkskiy Strait.

Zayachy Island was for the most part swampy, unpopulated, and unremarkable until 1703, when Peter the Great began construction of the Peter and Paul fortress. Until the late 19th century, there were three canals inside the fortress, dividing the island into four parts. The canals were filled in by the late 19th century. The island offers picturesque views of the city historical center and the Neva River.

The first bridge was constructed here in 1875. It was called the Second Castle Bridge. A new bridge was constructed in 1938 in conjunction with the expansion of Gosnardomovskogo garden. The five-span bridge with wood overlapping metal beams was carried out by civil engineer PP Stepnova. A major structural overhaul was made again in 1947, allowing the bridge to carry vehicular transport.

The high arch of the mid-span is necessary to allow the passage of dredges through the strait. The bending slope gives the bridge it's informal name 'Hunchback'. Kronverkskiy bridge has wood decking and railings, like a vintage 18-19 century St. Petersburg bridge. It is harmoniously integrated into the architectural ensemble of Peter and Paul Fortress. The length of the bridge is 58 meters, and the width between railings is 8.9 meters.

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