153. West Artillery Bridge across the Kronverkskiy Canal 9.26.2014

West Artillery Bridge across the Kronverkskiy Canal (with Soviet era Artillery in the background) 9.26.2014

Translated from opeterburge.ru:
West Artillery Bridge (3АПАДЫЙ АРТНАЛЕРИЙСКИЙ МОСТ) crosses Kronverkskiy canal near the Military Historical Museum of Artillery. The bridge was built between 1976-1978 by engineer BB Levin, together with the architect G. Govorkovskogo. It is a single-span concrete bridge with a girder design using decorative arches and granite trim. The bridge is 29.5 meters long and 20.4 meters wide. West Artillery bridge is designed for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bridge is aligned with the promenade of the same name, passing between Trinity Square and Kronverksky Prospect in the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg.

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