170. Chernorechenskij Bridge across the Black River 9.28.2014

Chernorechenskij Bridge across the Black River 9.28.2014

Translated from Russian Wikipedia:
Chernorechenskij bridge (Чернореченский мост) crosses the Black (Chernaya Recha) river in the alignment of Torzhkovskaya street at Savushkina and Academician Krylov streets, in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg.

The first bridge was built here at the beginning of 19th century. It was a wooden crossing, called the Commandant's Bridge. It was located within a walking distance of the Commandant on the field. From 1836-1846 it was called Nikolsky Bridge after Nikolsky hamlet, which was also on the left bank of the Black River (on the other side of modern Torzhkovskaya street and alley Vazaskim). Since 1849 the name has beenChernorechenskij Bridge (named after the river, which it spans). Between 1967-1969 a new concrete bridge was built on the site of the old metal, by the engineer AD Gutzeit and architect LA Noskov.

automobile, pedestrian
Type of construction:
reinforced concrete
Overall length:
29.8 m
Width of the bridge:
46 m
Began Operation:
early 19th century
59 ° 59'10 "with. lat. 30 ° 18'09 "to. e. sh. 30.3026333 ° c. (G) (O) (I)

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